I'm Natalie

I'm a photographer for laid back families looking for an out of the box, artistic, photography experience. 

I live on a little island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, called Mauritius. 

I adore photos of happiness, where you can hear laughter coming out of the images. Children giggling, families playing, birthday candles being blown, wishes being made.  Capturing those special, fleeting times in families' lives, which pass by so quickly and uniquely is what tickles my heart and makes me smile.

Whenever we can get away from 'normal life' responsibilities, my family and I spend time at the sea swimming, walking, snorkeling, kayaking  and hunting for shells.

I am happiest when my two loves come together, photography and travel. Who doesn't love that feeling of boarding a plane on your way to a new destination. Soaking up the feel and vibe of a new city is addictive for me, I call it eye candy for my soul. If you would like to see my photos of our travels and island life adventures take a look at my Instagram and blog posts.


Let me capture a bit of your family's happiness and laughter on your holiday, for you to keep and treasure for years to come.

I am a member of The Click in Moms Photography Directory  and part of the travel photographers Flytographer Team