Kind words from previous photo sessions

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Dear Natalie,

thank you for the wonderful pictures.
We are really happy about them. :)
I didn´t know that I´m so pretty :D I feel sumetimes unsure about myself as almost every woman does and this day I was thinking- Oh my hair, I look really bad for this "action".
And I´m really surprised :) I should start to feel more comfortable about myself!!!
Thank you also for so many pictures.
Thank you again, I´m really happy about this!
Thank you again for the photo's. I downloaded all the photo's and they are really great! We already have some photo's in are living room.
Thank you so much 
Jay and I have agreed to do a family photo shoot every 5 years at least, and hopefully come back to Mauritius to do it every-time :) 
take care 
Thanks for capturing this special holiday for us

The biggest thank you for the absolutely beautiful images!!!!

We collected the flash disk on Friday and Nick and I had such fun going through the pictures over the weekend. Thank you!!!

They are tooooo beautiful!!!

I hope to see you again soon when we next come to Mauritius xx

Warmest regards,




We had a very enjoyable and relaxed photography session with Natalie. She handled our large group of 17 family members (aged from 6 to 75 years, plus two dogs) with patience, warmth and humour. We deeply appreciated her understanding and flexibility when we were planning the session, and accommodating our needs. And the results are a set of beautiful photos that capture the quirky personalities and multiple family dynamics. Thank you Natalie, you’ve helped us make some lovely memories from a very special occasion. 

Many thanks